AMC Medical Transportation is a progressively growing medical transportation provider with South Florida roots, serving
Dade and Broward Counties.

  • AMC is dedicated to providing quality services that continually meet the needs of the patients, the healthcare facilities, and the communities we serve.
  • As leaders in the medical transportation industry, AMC delivers the highest quality transportation service.
  • AMC deeply values its client’s trust and the reputation we have earned.

AMC is a non-emergency transportation provider, which provides wheelchair, non-emergency stretcher service, and ambulatory transportation for the disabled and infirm.

AMC believes in fundamental business principals that are the core of our organization. We honestly and truly care about our clients and patients well-being. Our success is proof that if we provide the best possible care to our clients and their patients, our companies will be successful.

AMC endeavors to provide the highest quality of transportation services in the industry. We are proud that we have been able to consistently improve the quality of our services despite the rapidly changing healthcare and regulatory environment. Innovation and leadership is the driving forces behind AMC, which allows us to continually find better and more cost-effective ways to serve our clients.

AMC understands that our two greatest assets which are inextricably linked are our people and our reputation. Honesty and integrity are our cornerstones and we take very seriously the responsibility bestowed upon us by our clients, our patients, and the regulatory agencies.

“As an organization we want to ensure that our employees are knowledgeable, confident, and proud members of the AMC Medical Transportation team where we treat our patients, customers, and each other with compassion, dignity and respect. Their contribution to the workplace is based on accountability, open communication, individual growth and shared success.”

AMC is pleased to announce the sale of our operations to Falck.

Falck is a one hundred and six year old Scandinavian based company who is deeply rooted in emergency medical services.

We believe that Falck has the depth and breath to propel our operations forward based on the long history of providing emergency medical services and outstanding management team that Falck has in place.  We invite you the visit the Falck website to learn more about this outstanding organization at

Our Company was founded in 1989 in Miami, Florida and was managed and owned by its founder until September of 2012 when it was acquired by Falck. In 1998 it’s previous ownership acquired American Ambulance Service out of Hollywood, FL, also that year American Ambulance expanded into the Central Florida market with the acquisition of Pro-Care Ambulance in Seminole County. In 2000, the service area was expanded to include Orange and Osceola counties. 2000 brought about the expansion of the South Florida division to now include service to Miami Dade County.

Our companies have participated in Florida hurricane disaster and recovery for the last ten years and in 2008 twice deployed ambulances to Louisiana to assist hurricane victims. Our personnel and management have been trained through the FEMA programs to provide Strike Force Team Leader, Task Force Leader and Incident Management Teams.

We coordinate and provide medical transportation throughout the State of Florida and nationwide and we work closely with providers of air ambulance transportation to move the most critical of patients and assist their crews in creating seamless movement to their aircraft.